Under the Same Tent

Learn Traditional Fiddle with Fiddler Ellen Gawler. Learn Classical Chamber music with Cellist Vasily Popov and Pianist R’alitza P’atcheva.
Beginner, intermediate, advanced players are welcome. Children, teens, adults, musicians of all ages and abilities are encouraged to come learn and grow in gorgeous group classes.
Folks playing instruments that are bowed strings (cello, viola, violin/fiddle) are welcome to come learn classical and folk “under the same tent.” 
All levels welcome! Beginners will meet in one group. Intermediate and advanced will meet in another group. These will perform separately and together in the final performance. We are pleased to present two families who play music together.
Our Faculty:
Ellen Gawler is famous for Maine for keeping the traditional fiddle of Scotch-Irish, Downeast styles, Maritime styles alive and well due to her lifetime of dedicated teaching. The Pineland Fiddlers are her band of prestigious students. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with fiddle teacher Molly Gawler, her daughter.
Cellist Vasily Popov and Pianist R’alitza P’atcheva, are fantastic and fun musicians from Levine Music in Washington, DC and they have a family chamber group with their sons, violinist Yuri Popov and cellist Vlad Popov.
This summer camp is meant for children, teens, adults and families. 
This will be a day camp running from 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Monday July 29 to Friday August 2. Friday includes a show of our experiences from the week on Friday August 2 open to friends and family, plus the public. 
Lodging and tenting sites are available if there are folks who would like to stay overnight. Meals are not included. The Blue Hill Coop is conveniently nearby. Young children will be expected to have a caregiver drop them off, provide their lunch, and pick them up at the beginning and ending of each day. Parents are encouraged to stay and observe, and also have the option of dropping children off for the day at 1:00 and coming back at 3:00.
Registration is $200. Scholarships available upon request.
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