Naming Opportunities

Create a legacy when supporting Bagaduce Music.  A number of opportunities are available. 

  • Choral Sacred Collection
  • Choral Secular Collection
  • Piano Collection (Entire Collection)
  • Vocal Classical Collection
  • Brass Ensemble Collection       
  • Violin Solo Collection
  • Viola Solo Collection
  • Cello Solo Collection
  • Viola da Gamba Collection       
  • String Bass Collection
  • Plucked String Solos (Entire Collection)     
  • Harp Solo Collection
  • Guitar Collection
  • Mandolin Collection
  • Banjo Collection
  • Ukulele Collection
  • Clarinet Solo Collection
  • Recorder Solo Collection
  • Saxophone Solo Collection 
  • Brass Solos (Entire Collection)
  • French Horn Solo Collection
  • Trumpet Solo Collection
  • Trombone Solo Collection
  • Tuba Solo Collection
  • State of Maine Collection

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