Music Donations

Guidelines for Music Donations

Did you know that 47% of our collection can not be found anywhere else?

With more than one million items available to circulate, we would love to consider your sheet music donation. Contact us to discuss your potential donation.

We are unable to accept:

  • Sheet music that is incomplete, torn, or damaged by smoke, mold, or water
  • Hymnals, music encyclopedias or other type of books
  • Collections such as The International Library of Music or The Scribner Radio Music Library
  • Photocopies of sheet music
  • Record albums or compact discs
  • Band music. Please contact our friends at Chatfield Music Lending Library as is this their niche
  • Any sheet music that has not been vetted by our team for donation to the Library

We are unable to assign value to any sheet music donation that we receive.  In order to establish the value of your collection, please contact an independent appraiser before making your donation.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to the temporary closure of our facility as part of COVID-19, we have also temporarily suspended the collection of music donations. You are welcome to contact us to discuss the donation. 

Contact  us to learn more.

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