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We launched our very exciting new performance series ‘From Our Collection’ in 2019 as a way of highlighting the depth and breadth of our Collection of Music.  Our vast and diverse collection is the cornerstone of everything we do including our increased emphasis on Music Performance and Music Education.


Our Board of Directors voted to expand our Mission in the fall of 2018—in an effort to remain as relevant and compelling as possible and in order to take advantage of many opportunities beyond the collection and loan of sheet music.  Our relatively new and expanded Campus supports our expanded Mission by making use of our very own Performance Hall.

We introduced our signature ‘From Our Collection’ performance series in 2019 and included concerts and programs as diverse as Worksongs Week featuring the many worksongs of days gone by that the fishermen, loggers, and farmers would sing while working, the Lavender Blues program featuring queer music composed prior to World War 2 and the Russian Orthodox music of Maia Aprahamian.  Our inaugural series was a hit and we determined we would build upon this initial success in future years.

Why is ‘From Our Collection’ important?

Borrowers of music are certainly now influenced more by technology than when the Bagaduce Music Lending Library began in 1983.  How do we remain relevant and take advantage of new opportunities given the changes in the marketplace?

We have consulted a number of friends, colleagues and experts in the field and have been consistently advised to bring our collection of music out into the world in performance settings rather than being a more passive repository of this wonderful music we have.


You may count on us to expand the types of performances and programs we offer via ‘From Our Collection’.  We were about to launch a very exciting 2020 season just when COVID-19 hit us all.  The new programs were to include a choral program featuring compositions by our Maine composers (in an effort to help celebrate our Maine Bicentennial), a wonderful Klezmer music performance and a concert of Melodies from Old Broadway, among others.

We were planning to expand the season in terms of the calendar—to begin in March of 2020 and to last through the fall—and in terms of the number of concerts and programs.

Now we are pleased to share a sneak peak at our evolving 39th Season – featuring diverse music From our Collection, produced virtually or held in the great outdoors of Maine!



  • Welcoming the Light and Celebrating a New Year with Ellen Gawler and the Gawler Family Band – Free Concert via our website!


  • The Lavender Blues with Sarah Kilborne
  • The Wholesale Klezmer Band


  • Symphonic Winds with members of the Hartford Symphony
  • Melodies from Old Broadway with John McVeigh & Friends
  • Brown & Polar, Acoustic Blues with Blind Boy Paxton & Bennett Konesni


  • Littles: Princes, Match Girls & Engines that Could, Excerpts from the Children’s Music of Maia Aprahamian – presented by Judith Jerome


  • The Worksong Project with Bennett Konesni, featuring concerts, rowing and gardening – among other fun activities, while singing worksongs from our Collection
  • Three Centuries of Choral Delights with Maine Composers performed by Anna Dembska & Ensemble


  • BOOM, the Baroque Orchestra of Maine with Heidi Powell & Max Treitler

    *Made possible through the generosity of Bill & Barbara Whitman, Holly & George Wood, Dee & David Gautschi, and many other friends of Bagaduce Music AND the Maine 200 Bicentennial Commission, the Britton Fund, the Libra Foundation & WERU.

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