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Thank you for your ticket purchase for the Pops Concert on July 3rd!

We now present to you all: Blue Hill Pops 2020!  Please make sure you read our viewing tips below, if you have any issues watching the concert.



Direct link:

5 Tips for the Best Pops Viewing Experience


We want you to have an enjoyable evening viewing our first ever virtual Pops concert! To this end, here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure that you have a good internet connection. If you are able to stream movies through Netflix or another streaming service, you should not have a problem viewing the Pops concert.
  2. Be sure that your volume is adjusted to your liking on the device you are using.
  3. You can watch the concert on your phone, tablet, computer, or your smart TV. Simply use the link we’ve sent you when you bought your ticket (, or for the best possible experience, download the YouTube app to your device.
  4. You can “cast” the concert from your computer or mobile device to your smart TV. Make sure your device and your TV are both on the same home network. Here’s how to watch the Pops concert on your smart TV:

Note:  We strongly recommend streaming the video with your smartphone or tablet.
For mobile devices (smartphones/tablets):

Download the YouTube app
Tap the YouTube link to open directly in the YouTube app:
While playing the video, tap the Cast icon 
Select the device you wish to use for viewing
Note: For Apple TV, you will then select Airplay , and then choose your device

For laptops and desktops:
Use the YouTube link to view Pops directly:
Please open YouTube link with Google Chrome browser (unless using Apple TV)
For Apple TV, please open with Safari browser (Mac only)
While playing the video, click the Cast icon  in the YouTube video
Note: For Apple TV, click the Airplay icon  in the YouTube video
Choose your desired device for TV streaming

  1. Arriving late to the party? No worries! You can view the concert any time after the 7/3, 7pm start time. We will have the concert available on our website on the Pops page until Labor Day.


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