Rare & Unusual Items

Unique Finds

Every week we receive boxes of sheet music that have been donated from all over the country. We go through the painstaking process of sorting through the music and adding each title into our massive Catalog. While we typically know what we are going to receive, rare and unusual items surprise us.

Examples of Rare Work

  • Ink copy of Carlos Salzedo’s harp masterpiece Chanson Dans La Nuit, in the composer’s handwriting. July, 1927, Seal Harbor, Maine
  • Ink copy of Carlos Salzedo’s A La Caserne, in the composer’s handwriting. Dated June 16th, 1934
  • First Edition of the book Plantation Melodies by Marshall W. Taylor, published in 1882
  • First Edition of the book Seventy Negro Spirituals for High Voice, edited by William Arms Fisher, published by the Oliver Ditson Company in 1926
  • Devil’s Ditties, Stories of the Kentucky Mountain People and the Songs They Sing, by Jean Thomas, published in 1931
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