The four-acre campus of the Bagaduce Music offers many opportunities for garden design and creation. We are proud to partner with Native Gardens of Blue Hill on these ongoing efforts.

The buildings on the campus present opportunities for demonstrating how native plants can be used in a residential setting. Visitors using the woodland trails will experience these gems in a more natural setting. Adding to the diversity of plants with garden landscapes will instantly increase the diversity of wildlife using the site.

Among the campus’ greatest assets are the many mature red oaks that provide shade necessary for so much of Maine’s flora as well as food for an astounding number of native insects — an important source of protein for our birds. Another is the diversity of habitats already present on the site including a small pond, a seasonal stream, forested wetland, regenerating forest/woodland, and well-drained areas of disturbed soils receiving varying amounts of light and moisture. 

In spite of winter weather, volunteers Gerry and Marin Brache have continued progress on the Summerhouse. Along with Steve West, we are so appreciative to have these volunteers moving forward on this project while the gardens are at rest.

“The Summerhouse is a pavilion at the beginning of our accessible trail system. We were able to complete two accessible bridges last year through a grant from Maine Community Foundation. This year we received a grant from Davis Conservation Fund to build the trail to the pond. We look forward to breaking ground in the spring.

We would also like to thank Isabelle and James Storey for donating two Lunaform pots, which we placed at the side entrance to the library and are looking forward to filling them with native perennials in the spring.” 

Avy Clare & Cathy Rees, NGBH

Native Gardens is our partner in their vision and implementation of our landscaping and natural surroundings. It is the mission of Native Gardens of Blue Hill to illustrate these opportunities as well as challenges in the landscape through the garden program and community workshops.

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