Winter got you down?  Ready for Relief? 
The Gawler Family has your back at their WINTER FEVER RELIEVER on Saturday January 28 in the afternoon and evening.

Join the whole gang for fun-filled music, dance and hijinks to drive the blues away.  This is also a great chance to try on a new instrument to see if it suits you, or to see if you might like to join us for the rest of our winter classes…  big discounts to those who come to this event and then sign up for a Winter 2023 class!



Instrument Petting Zoo – Try out a new instrument and see how it suits you. 

Beginner Fiddle
: Always wanted to play the fiddle? Come get introduced to your next musical adventure on the 4 string wonder. 

Intermediate Fiddle
: come join in and we’ll have a little something for everyone, no matter here you are. We’ll explore learning by ear, and other things that make your playing sound like fiddling!

Intro to clawhammer banjo jigs: This rare and special technique brings an extra thump to any jam.

Real-Live Bingbonger! A bingbonger is a hilarious jam session with unusual rhythm instruments. If you think of yourself as a musician or if you don’t necessarily think of yourself as a musician, come! All are welcome! Let’s erupt into joyful noise together. 

Fundamentals of dadgad Irish-style guitar: This alternative for tuning guitars creates a unique and smooth rhythmic approach to accompanyingg tunes or songs

Intro to flat picking fiddle tunes: learn about stepping beyond rhythm and into melody on the guitar

3-Finger Guitar Picking Mississippi John Hurt Style: Learn how to roll that amazing syncopated style

Easy worksongs for projects around the house (wood stacking, doing dishes, sweeping up, knitting, oiling tools, etc.)

How to Play Fiddle Tunes on the Cello: You’ve always wanted to! Now’s your chance.

How to find simple harmonies with a buddy: Harmony doesn’t have to be hard. We’ll show you how to make it easy.

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