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CaA.000232 Awake Awake (E/W) (acap)
  Composer: Anon
Arr: Holst,G Publisher: Curwen
Music for: SATB Sacred

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IBb2y. Awake Awake To Love And Work
  Composer: Anon
Arr: Smith
Music in IBb2y.010588 Hymns And Descants for 2 or 3 Trumpet, 61 - Vol. 1
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Kbcy. Awake Awake The Messiah Is Born
  Composer: Anon

Music in Kbcy.004734 Noels from Lorraine
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Rg. Awake Awake To Love And Work
  Composer: Anon

Music for: Hymnals
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Vfy. Awake Awake (aka Wake Up...)
  Composer: Anon
©1932 Publisher: Unknown
Music in Vfy/Ame.000170 Appalachians, English Folk Songs From The Southern-Vol.1
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Vfy/Ame. Awake Awake
  Composer: Anon
Arr: Cazden,N
Music for:
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